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A selection of historic photographs from the life
of Homer Lea.

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Fernand Parmentier
Edmund English
Tom She Bin

HLRS-10052. Fernand Parmentier

Fernand Parmentier, a prominent Los Angeles architect with ties to Richard A. Falkenberg, became a lieutenant general and chief of staff of Falkenberg's "Chinese Imperial Reform Army" in 1904.

Source: Press Reference Library: Notables of the Southwest (Los Angeles: Los Angeles Examiner, 1912).

HLRS-10052a.. Edmond English

Edmond English, a Civil War veteran with ties to Richard A. Falkenberg, became a major general in the Chinese Imperial Reform Army in 1904 and served as its chief recruiting officer.

Source: Minneapolis Journal, December 21, 1904.

HLRS-10053. Tom She Bin

Dr. T'an Shu-pin (known as Tom She Bin), an affluent herb doctor and president of the San Francisco branch of the Chinese Empire Reform Association, helped Richard Falkenberg in his attempt to undermine Homer Lea.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, January 15, 1905.

Theodore Roosevelt

John E. Wilkie

HLRS-10053a. Joseph Singleton (Chu Mon Sing)

New York City reform leader, circa 1905. 

Source: Warner M. Van Norden, Who's Who of the Chinese in New York, New York, 1918.

HLRS-10054. Theodore Roosevelt

Homer Lea and K'ang Yu-wei met President Theodore Roosevelt in Washington in June 1905, where the president tacitly approved of the Chinese Empire Reform Association's military training program.

Source: Library of Congress No. LC-H25-5450-V.

HLRS-10055. John E. Wilkie

U.S. Secret Service Chief John E. Wilkie investigated the Chinese Empire Reform Association's military companies, including a visit to Los Angeles in 1905.

Source: Deseret Evening News, January 16, 1909.

Alexandria Hotel

HLRS-10056.. Sensational Newspaper Headline

Chinese Empire Reform Association military plans exposed.

Source: Los Angeles Herald, June 25, 1905..

HLRS-10056a.. New York Arrival

Homer Lea and Kang Yu-wei arriving in New York City by ferryboat on June 27, 1905.

Source: Anaconda Standard, July 9, 1905.

HLRS-10057. Alexandria Hotel

Homer Lea enjoyed socializing at the elegant Alexandria Hotel
in Los Angeles.

Source: Alexandria Hotel Mezzanine Post Card, No. 3839, M. Rieder, Publ., Los Angeles, circa 1905.

Vermilion Pencil, 1908
.Streetcar Map
Seven Oaks Cabins

HLRS-10058..Vermilion Pencil, 1908

Source: The Vermilion Pencil (McClure Co. 1908).


HLRS-10059..Streetcar Map

Homer Lea took up temporary residence at a Long Beach cottage situated off the Pacific Electric car line's Vista Del Mar stop in August 1908, to complete the final chapters of The Valor of Ignorance.

Source: Pacific Electric Timetables, July 1911.

HLRS-10060..Seven Oaks Cabins

Homer Lea stayed at a Seven Oaks Resort cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains when conducting research for The Valor of Ignorance.

Source: Post Card, circa 1910.

Adna Chaffee
Joseph P. Story
The Valor of Ignorance

HLRS-10061..Adna R. Chaffee

Former U.S. Army Chief of Staff, retired Lieutenant General Adna R. Chaffee (seen here as a Major General of Volunteers during the 1900 Boxer Rebellion) thought very highly of Homer Lea and wrote a glowing introduction to The Valor of Ignorance.

Source: W.A.P. Martin, The Siege in Peking (New York: Fleming H. Revell Co., 1900).

HLRS-10062..Joseph P. Story

Former U.S. Army Chief of Artillery, retired Major General Joseph P. Story (seen here as a colonel, circa 1902), like Adna Chaffee, thought highly of Homer Lea and also wrote a glowing introduction to The Valor of Ignorance.

Source: Robert Arthur, The Coast Artillery School 1824-1927 (Fort Monroe, Virginia: Coast Artillery School Press, 1928).

HLRS-10063. The Valor of Ignorance, 1909

Source: The Valor of Ignorance (Harper & Brothers, 1909).

Japanese edition of The Valor of Ignorance Charles Boothe  

HLRS-10064.Japanese edition of The Valor of Ignorance

The Japanese edition of The Valor of Ignorance, retitled The Future War Between Japan and America to popularize it in Japan, sold very well in Japan. Homer Lea signed the rights to the Japanese edition over to Sun Yat-sen to help finance Sun Yat-sen's Chinese revolutionary movement. Lea claimed the book went through 24 editions and sold 26, 000 copies in the first month of its publication in 1911..

HLRS-10065..Charles B. Boothe

Charles Beach Booth, a principal member of the "Red Dragon Conspiracy," seen here, circa 1907.

Source: Charles Amadon Moody, ed., “Makers of Los Angeles,” Out West: A Magazine of the Old Pacific and New, April 1909.


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