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A selection of historic photographs from the life of Homer Lea. 
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HLRS-10001. Alfred E. Lea, circa 1880.

Source: History of Clear Creek and Boulder Valleys, Colorado (Chicago: O. L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers, 1880)

HLRS-10002. Hersa Lea, circa 1875.

Source: Personal Papers of Mr. and Mrs. James D. Lea, Houston, Texas.​

HLRS-10003. Hersa Lea's grave.

Location: Riverside Cemetery, 5201 Brighton Blvd., Denver Colorado. Source: Lawrence M. Kaplan files.

HLRS-10004. Lea family grave

Lee’s Summit Cemetery, 806 Southeast 3rd Street, Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64063. In the foreground are the graves of Alfred E. Lea and his second wife Emma Wilson Lea. The graves on the far left are those of Dr. P.J.G. Lea and his wife Lucinda.

HLRS-10005. Homer Lea (born November 17, 1876) in infancy.
HLRS-10006. Homer Lea age 12.

Source: History of Clear Creek and Boulder Valleys, Colorado (Chicago: O. L. Baskin & Co.,
Historical Publishers, 1880)

HLRS-10007. National Surgical Institute.

Homer Lea, at about age 12, went to the National Surgical Institute in Indianapolis, which specialized in treating deformities, to receive treatment for his affliction.

Source: National Surgical Institute Brochure,
circa 1885.

HLRS-10008. Emma Rice Wilson.

Emma Rice Wilson married Alfred E. Lea on July 16, 1890. This photo was taken some time between 1890 and 1894, when the Lea’s lived in Denver.

Source: Robert G. Wilson Personal Papers, 408 Century Plaza Building, Wichita, Kansas.

HLRS-10009. Ethel Bryant Powers, circa late 1890s

Source: Joshua B. Powers Personal Papers, Powers family, South Royalton, Vermont.

HLRS-10010. East Denver High School.

Homer Lea completed his freshman year (1892-1893) at East Denver High School in Colorado.

Source: East Denver High School Post Card, No. C3121, Colorado News Company,
Denver, Col., circa 1890s.

HLRS-10011. University of the Pacific

In the fall of 1893, Homer Lea enrolled for his sophomore high school year in the college preparatory academy of the University of the Pacific, a small Methodist-Episcopal college near San Jose, California, not far from his maternal grandmother’s residence.

Source: University of the Pacific, San Jose, Cal, Post Card, No. 5112, E. von Bardeleben, New York and Germany, circa 1900.

HLRS-10012. Los Angeles High School.

Homer Lea attended Los Angeles High School (located west of North Hill Street and below the south side of Fort Moore Hill) from 1894 to1896.

Source: In and About Los Angeles (Los Angeles: E.P. Charlton & Co., 1906).

HLRS-10013. Homer Lea at the residence of Marco Newmark, a Los Angeles High School friend, circa 1894-1895.

Source: Personal Papers, Mr. and Mrs. James D. Lea, Houston, Texas.

HLRS-10014. Homer Lea, age 20, as a Los Angeles High School senior.

Source: Charles O. Kates Personal Papers, Mr. Brian Kates, Pomona, New York..

HLRS-10014a. Ermal Lea as a student at the University of California, Los Angeles, 1903.

Source: University of California, Los Angeles Yearbook, 1903.

HLRS-10014b. Hersa Lea as a Senior, Summer Class, Los Angeles High School, 1900.

Source: Los Angeles High School Yearbook, 1900.

HLRS-10015. The 900 block of South Bonnie Brae Street; the Leas lived at no. 918.

The 900 block of South Bonnie Brae Street; the Leas lived at no. 918.

Source: Post Card, 1906.

Source: Los Angeles High School Yearbook, 1900.

Homer Lea: American Soldier of Fortune

By Dr. Lawrence M. Kaplan
“An excellent biography of a largely forgotten but extraordinary man…  His fascinating life is well told in this biography.”
― Edward M. Coffman, author of The War to End All Wars: The American Experience in World War I